Massive Open Online Course

As the European “New Skills Agenda” underlines, teachers “play a key role in introducing new teaching and learning methods, in stimulating creativity and innovation, in overcoming biases and in bringing out the best in increasingly diverse classrooms”.


Teachers are re­quired to become more digitally proficient, as al­most any other worker and citizen today, and as role models for their students. But they face the additional challenge which calls for spe­cific support. Therefore, the project and its resources aim to support teachers in becoming facilitators of innovative educational paths which are more familiar to the practices of their students through training and a MOOC, that can also contribute to the development of their digital skills (with reference to the DiGcomp for educators).


The MOOC at the end of 2021 is going to propose online materials for teachers to deepen the themes of different STEAM subjects.

We hope that the videos from our experimentation will help you to decide to join the MOOC and try digital ateliers by yourself!