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This workshop aims to make children aware of the principles of moving or animated pictures and cinema in general. They will explore the animation timetable and get to know its most important stations both in theory and practice, using hand-made structures and digital applications. Finally, when pupils study modern times, they will use animation applications that are more familiar and attractive to them in order to correlate to the basic principles and the evolution of moving pictures and ask themselves why they fascinate people.


In this workshop we will explore the concept of harmony and discover a number that is related to it and that exists all around us! Through a series of activities, students discover how the golden ratio hides behind harmony and they will create their photographic work based on it. Finally, they will produce an interactive photo exhibition where visitors, with the help of augmented reality, will discover the golden ratio in the students' works.


This workshop aims to inspire students to observe the world of animals and realise the importance of the shape and position of their eyes. Participants research the subject and then create relevant video collections. They focus on certain details and then use the technology of Augmented Reality to animate what they learned and find answers to what left an impression during the process.


The aim of this workshop is to help children study the connection between their vision and Camera Οbscura, i.e. the first camera, understand how it works and the features in common of the camera and the projector. They will become familiar with the refraction phenomenon and then they will build a projector; in groups they will make a hand-made projector, using a smart mobile phone as a source of light for projection.

Finally, after experimenting with their construction, they will take pictures of their material which they will then present in class and they will refer to the specific characteristics of the projector, concerning quality and way of projection.


In this workshop, students will research the types of music they like, the factors that differentiate them and the ones that characterize them. Using their imagination, Makey Makey microcontrollers, Scratch and simple materials they will make their interactive objects that will represent the kind of music of their choice.

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